In 1995 I was afflicted with fibromyalgia. I went through physical therapy, pain management therapy, and even different medications to which I developed side effects from each one and all with no relief of any kind. The doctors last resort was to cut cell nerves in my back to relieve pain. I said (to the doctor) I have done everything else how about chiropractic treatment first.   With chiropractic, massage treatment was added for fibromyalgia and I'm like a new person. I have half the pain I suffered 24/7. I have more mobility and freedom of having more strength and energy, more peace of mind, and able to sit with little pain and just a better quality of life. Thanks Barb at Tranquil Retreat. 

Emer McKay

All I can say is "THANK YOU"!!! I happened to find this place thanks to the internet. Laura called me back and scheduled a Pre-Natal massage with me. Oh wow, by far the best massage I've had since coming to Texas 4 years ago. Being 24 weeks pregnant, I was totally comfortable with Laura, knowing she was also a Doula. Let alone the fabulous belly cut out massage table. The atmosphere was relaxing, the personnel were so nice, and the massage was over the top. By the time I got done with my 60 minutes, I was totally mush. The prices are great also, along with the military discount to boot. To anyone looking for a pre-natal massage, this the the spot to hit, hands down!!! Thank you Laura for the awesome massage, and all the great information regarding birthing options. I can't wait to come back and enjoy another massage or two before we have our baby!!


I can't say enough good things about this business. I have suffered for literally 10 years with chronic, severe, back pain mainly due to Degenerative Disc Disease, which has progressed to the severe stage. I've been to the regular doctors, chiropractors, osteo specialists, and neurologistss. All of them either gave me some sort of pill (and told to wait for relief), or performed a manual sublaxation of my spine, I have never had my pain level low enough so that I could actually tolerate it well.

I went to Tranquil Retreat after calling other similar-oriented businesses (none of whom offered what I really needed), plus, they are only located a block from my home. After filling out a VERY brief medical history form, I was seen by Laura D. Warwick, LMT, MMP. Laura did some checks of my posture and hip alignment. She then expained the massage procedure very thoroughly before she began to physically work on my problems. 

Folks, although not all was painless due to my own muscles and limited of range of motion, Laura worked and worked with me to relax those related muscles and every other muscle that gave me problems. It was about a two-hour procedure. The room I was in was very peaceful, with very dim lighting, soft, quiet music, and an extremely comfortable massage table. I almost fell asleep twice! When I left, I felt a bit like Jello!!

I would recommend Tranquil Retreat to all people needing massage therapy. My treatment was over five hours ago and I still feel great! Also, Laura is a DONA-trained birth doula, if any expecting ladies are interested in that form of birth. If there were more than five stars, I would give them more...that's how good they are!


By far the best experience that I've had in 14 years of getting massages. Laura is the best therapist living.

Stephen Moon

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