Owner, Barbara Robinson, her daughter, Laura, and granddaughter, Sarah,  attended Austin Schools of Massage, beginning October, 2005.  They  graduated in May, 2006 and received their licenses a few months later.    Barbara completed renovations on their new office and opened at the  current location on August 7, 2006.  Sarah has since moved out of state,  but Barbara and Laura continue to practice at Tranquil Retreat. 

MS (multiple sclerosis) Camp


We have volunteered at Camp for All and  the MS Society Run/Walk in Harker Heights.  Using a technique designed  for fibromyalgia, we treat victims of MS, helping them to relax and  achieve better rest.



Shiatsu is a manipulative therapy developed in Japan and  incorporating techniques of anma (Japanese traditional  massage), acupressure, stretching, and Western massage. Shiatsu has a  strong reputation for reducing stress and relieving nausea and vomiting.  Shiatsu is also believed to improve circulation and boost the immune  system.

Shiatsu is done with the client comfortably clothed and on a floor mat. 

And now.....


We are currently in our ninth year in the same location.  We  have six therapists on staff, each with their own techniques and  training.  Our therapists are continually seeking new modalities to  further their own knowledge and bring it to you.  We strive to make you  feel comfortable and relaxed while in our care.  As a local owner, we  anticipate being here for a long time and look forward to serving you. 

corporate events


Do you have loyal employees  working hard for you every day?  Reward them with a chair massage.  We  can come to your location and customize an event for you and your  employees.  Rates are based on the number of therapists that you need  and the length of the event.  Most chair massages are 10-20 minutes in  length, and a therapist needs about 5 minutes between each massage.  We  provide the therapist(s), chair, schedule and permission forms.  All you  have to do is schedule your employees.